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Teak is uniquely handcrafted from the finest lndonesian plantation grown teak. Initially, teak is a golden brown color. This coior is derived from the natural oils in the wood. Exposure to the sun will change the color to silver gray. The weathering time varies depending on the amount of exposure to the elements. As the wood weathers, you may notice small cracks, this is called "checking'l This is normal and in no way affects the stability and integrity of the furniture. To maintain your furniture requires a periodic cleaning with a soft bristle brush and mild detergent. Do NOT use power washers. There are many commercially available teak protectors; however,Jewels ofJava does not recommend nor warrant the use ofthese products.Jewels ofJava does not recommend Teak Oll for outdoor use; it significantly increases the maintenance ofyour furniture.

Sling components should be cleaned frequently with a mild detergent and a SOFT brush. Scrub in a circular motion to clean between the fibers. Rinse thoroughly. Do NOT use solvents as they destroy the UV protected quality of the material. Do NOT use power washers.

Stainless Steels need to be cleaned for aesthetic considerations and to preserve corrosjon resistance. Routine cleaning will preserve the appearance and integrity of the surface. A soft cloth and clean warm water will remove mild stains and loose soils. A final rinse with clean water and a dry wipe will complete the process and eliminate the possibility of water stains. lnfrequent cleaning may result in brown spots on the steel. These spots are cosmetic only and do not effect the integrity of the furniture. They are not covered under warranty.

Jewels ofJava is proud to offer an "eco-friendly" product. All ofour teak wood is sourced from Perum Perhutani and is certified as 100% plantation grown.

Jewels of Javas manufacturer's warranty is the following:
1.) Teak/Stainless Steel: Three years.
2.) Sling Fabric Components: Two years.

3.) Cushions are warranted agajnst seam separation, fabric slippage, flaws and dye 1ot variations at the time of delivery on1y.

4.) Sunbrella' fabrics carry a separate manufacturer's warranty as wel1.

Warranty claims must come through the retailer where the items were purchased. lf an item fails under the terms of the warranty, manufacturer will repair or replace that item.

lf discontinued, jt will be replaced with a similar item. All warranties apply to the origlnal owner only and require dated receipt. Normal wear and tear is excluded. Abuse, acts of nature, accidents or commercial use void this warranty.


Furniture products are made in lndonesia.
Cushions are made in the USA with some imported materials